Mercer Oak Realty

Mercer Oak Realty, LLC is a Commercial Real Estate Brokerage firm serving the Princeton, NJ office market. Brokers in the firm have over 100 years collective commercial real estate market knowledge. Mercer Oak Realty works with Tenant, Landlord and Investor clients, helping them to find office space, lease, sell or buy office buildings and build and manage real estate investment portfolios. Mercer Oak Realty helps clients reach their company's goals through sophisticated and intelligent real estate decision making by applying a deep understanding of the market, statistical data, thorough financial analysis and keen negotiating skills.

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Princeton Property Management

Princeton Property Management offers property management services to both institutional and private commercial real estate investors. PPM also provides construction management services for corporate clients or investor owners. With unique local market knowledge and experience, PPM ensures that clients maximize the value that they derive from their real estate resources.

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